Stylianos Loukas Vasileiou

I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, supervised by the amazing William Yeoh.

My current research is anchored in the realm of human-aware AI, with a pointed focus on using logic-based techniques to augment the explainability of systems involved in sequential decision-making. My overarching goal is to engineer AI agents that can engage and cooperate with humans in a manner that is as intuitive and natural as human-to-human interaction.

Within a preceding historical epoch, I received a MSc. in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Southampton (UK), supervised by Long Tran-Thanh, a MSc. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Glasgow (UK), supervised by Radostin Simitev, and finally a BSc. in Statistics and Actuarial-Financial Mathematics from the University of the Aegean (GR), supervised by Nikolaos Kavallaris.


Jan 25, 2024 Excited to co-organize the Human-Aware and Explainable Planning (HAXP) workshop again, collocated with ICAPS 2024 in Banff, Canada. Do consider submitting your work!
Jul 15, 2023 Papers on personalized explanations and explainable scheduling accepted at ECAI 2023.

selected publications

  1. ECAI
    PLEASE: Generating Personalized Explanations in Human-Aware Planning
    Stylianos Loukas Vasileiou , and William Yeoh
    In European Conference on Artificial Intelligence , 2023
  2. JAIR
    A Logic-based Explanation Generation Framework for Classical and Hybrid Planning Problems
    Stylianos Loukas Vasileiou , William Yeoh , Tran Cao Son , and 3 more authors
    Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 2022
  3. AAAI
    On Exploiting Hitting Sets For Model Reconciliation
    Stylianos Loukas Vasileiou , Alessandro Previti , and William Yeoh
    In Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence , 2021