Human-Aware and Explainable Planning

As artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being adopted into application solutions, the challenge of supporting effective interactions with humans is becoming more apparent. Partly this is to support integrated working styles, in which humans and intelligent systems cooperate in problem-solving, but also it is a necessary step in the process of building and calibrating trust as humans migrate greater competence and responsibility to such systems. The International Workshop on Human-Aware and Explainable Planning (HAXP), formerly known as the Explainable AI Planning (XAIP) workshop, brings together the latest and best in human-AI interaction and explainability, in the context of planning, scheduling, RL and other forms of sequential decision-making process. The workshop is typically collocated with ICAPS, the premier conference on automated planning and scheduling.

Alas, doth Human-Aware and Explainable AI stir thy curiosity? Embark upon our kindred fellowship, and with open heart, present thy scholarly offerings to our eager eyes! In other words, consider submitting your work to future iterations of the workshop. We have an awesome community!

In the meantime, you can watch what happened during the 2022 (virtual) workshop below.