Stylianos Loukas Vasileiou

A not long time ago in a country called Greece…

Stylianos Loukas VasileiouMy Life's Quest

It was a warm Spring afternoon when I opened my eyes and experienced the world for the first time. A small infant has just broken out of his mother's womb ready to shape the whole world...LOL. Seriously now, allow me to describe my academic journey so far :).

I received my bachelor's degree in Statistics and Mathematics from the University of the Aegean in a beautiful island in Greece, Samos. After that, I went on to earn two M.Sc. degrees; in Applied Math and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Glasgow and University of Southampton, respectively, in the rainy U.K. Finally, I serve the research community as a Ph.D. student at Washington University in St. Louis where I am being advised by the wondeful William Yeoh. :)

Enjoy the music, now you must.